At Worx Toys we are committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in everything we do, from design to production we strive to deliver toys that exceed the industries standard for safety and reliability.

The process starts from the very first sketch, our designs are carefully chosen and tested at every stage of development to insure the highest standards of quality.

Production parts are molded using only top grade non recycled materials to insure the highest degree of safety and durability. Each Micro-Fuelers boat is meticulously assembled and individually hand painted by skilled artisans using techniques unique to Micro-Fuelers™ All Micro-Fuelers™ are then laboratory tested to insure they are free from contaminates in plastic and paint such as lead and other naturally occurring metals.

Worx Toys carefully selects only the best factories to produce our products. We don't believe in sweat shop labor, each factory is independently audited and conforms to the highest standards of conduct. Our stringent quality control systems insure that each product is tested before it leaves the factory and is delivered to your front door.

Because safety is our top priority we don't limit our testing to those mandated by the United States (ASTM F963-08) but for those of the entire world. This how we know our toys are truly safe!

We are three fathers on a mission to provide our children with the most innovative and highest quality toys in the industry, this is our commitment to each other and to you!


Team Worx

§16 CFR 1500.44 Flammability(solid)
§ 16 CFR 1303 Lead content / Lead in surface coating
§ FCC PART 15 Verification (ICES-003)
§ CPSI Act 2008 (H.R.4040) Lead content / Lead in surface coating & substrate and phthalate
§ Canadian Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulations (C.R.C.,c.931)
§ Canada Hazardous Product Act, R.S.C.H-3 (7 Toxic element) ICES-003