+ How to play?

1. Add at least 1" ( 25.4 mm) of water to a container such as bath tub, Tupperware, or Hydro Track (TM) (sold separately).
2. Place the Micro-Fuelers ™ boat gently on the surface of the water.
3. Add 1 to 2 drops of Super Fuel (TM) to the reservoir in the back of the boat and watch them go!

+ How does the super-fuel work?

Super-Fuel (TM) technology disrupts the surface tension of the water magically propelling the boats forward, no batteries required!
Detail: Water has one of the highest surface tension of all liquids allowing objects to float, when Super Fuel (TM) is added to the rear of the boat the liquid mixes with the water breaking the bond between the surface molecules reducing the surface tension at the rear, as a result the water at the front of the boat magically pulls the boat forward. Adding too much Super Fuel (TM) reduces the total surface tension around the boat , therefore only a few drops of Super Fuel (TM) are required for best performance.

+ Is Super-Fuel Safe?

Super Fuel (TM) Ingredients are safe for contact with skin. Super Fuel should NOT be used in eyes or ingested.

+ How do I play with Micro-Fuelers™

-Place two or more boats side by side on a shallow body of water.
-Add Super Fuel (TM) to the rear of the boat at the same time, keep adding fuel as needed to reach the finish line.
-Winner collects the losing boats collector coin.
-The player with the most collector coins wins!

+ My Micro-Fuelers ™ boats are running slow or not at all.

Micro-Fuelers ™ work best in fresh clean water, contaminants like soap or chlorine may reduce surface tension inhibiting performance.
Change your water and try again.

+ My Micro-Fuelers ™ boats are sinking.

Water with soap such as in a bath has reduced surface tension that will effect buoyancy, replace with clean water.
Too much fuel has contaminated the water, rinse boats carefully to remove any soap or Super-Fuel coating the boat and allow to dry and refill with water to race again.

+ My Micro-Fuelers ™ boats are moving to the left or right.

-Make sure the boat is placed level in water - a leaning boat will not go straight.
-Adjust rudder position to make the boat turn or to help stop it from turning.

+ Tips and Tricks for racing:

-Use fresh clean water for best results.
-Cold water will increase surface tension and improve performance.
-Use dry boats - water in the boat will weight it down and dilute the fuel.
-Too much fuel can hinder performance.
-Clean boat with water after use.

+ What is scale speed?

Scale speeds vary with vehicle scale.